Reeve Electric,

Thank you so much for your service.  I have called you twice now with problems and you have been there right away.  First, Pete answered the call when the lights in our parking lot had gone out.  When I placed the call, I informed Diane, who is very professional and friendly, that we did not need them repaired right away.  However, that day Pete was there and the problem was solved and fixed!

On the second occasion we simply blew a circuit running two microwaves at once.  This was on a holiday week, and I did not expect anyone to get to us until the next week.  However, the next day Brad and Jess were there and fixed the problem.

Not only have you shown up on time, actually before time, but your people have always been very professional and friendly.  We are a busy medical clinic with professional people in and out all the time, and let me just say it is a breath of fresh air when your people come out.

Again, the service is outstanding, and your people are friendly.  It is a pleasure doing business with you.

Karon J. McCravy
Baptist Health Center


Robert & Ken,

I want you both to know, what a good job you’re guys are doing for me.  

The Circuit Crew, Andrew, Tim, Jerry, Brian H., Brian D., Casey, Lem, Darryl, David, Chuck, Mike, and Mark have built, ran, and landed 74 circuits within the last two weeks.  We had a Change Restriction Period to work around and they still beat the due dates.  Great job!

I consider myself very lucky that you have assigned all of these men to support me at our data center.

Susan W.
Specialist–Data Center Mgmt



Robert & Ken,

It gives me great pleasure to write this email.  Reeve Electric is a valuable part of our service offering and I have enjoyed our long relationship.  Your company has always had exceptional personnel and I would like to take this opportunity to recognize Mark for his professional services during the Data Center cable tray installation.  While installing the cable trays, Mark demonstrated his excellent field knowledge and commitment to our project by recommending an innovative and simple beam clamp solution to a difficult and costly cable support structure.  His solution saved money, time and improved the overall quality of our installation.  His beam clamp solution not only saved time and money for his crew, but for other subcontractors as well.  As you know, the cable tray project has been completed and our customer is delighted with the finished product.  Please extend my sincere appreciation of a job well done.

Doug K.



Robert & Ken,

The circuit crew saved me again today!!!  I had ordered circuits in the wrong location and knowing how important this project was, the guys corrected my error in less than an hour.  Many thanks go to Andrew, Tim L., Lem, and Tim K. for planning, building, running, and landing these circuits for me in less than an hour.  Thanks to Mark R. for approving the work to be done and his “Whatever it takes to make it right” attitude.

They are the absolute best!  

Thank you,

Rusty F.
Corporate Real Estate