Reeve Electric’s highest priority is safety.

We do not just meet the safety requirements; we raise the bar. With one of the best safety records in the industry, we realize the high value and benefits of a safe work environment. At Reeve Electric, following safety procedures is a condition of employment. We are committed to an accident free workplace. We take a proactive approach to safety in the field by educating our employees before they ever arrive on the job site. Many employees are exposed to weekly meetings, manual guidelines and emergency plans in order to fully prepare them to prevent an accident before it happens. We do not teach safety; we instill it into our professionals by focusing on creating work habits that foster a safe working environment. Reeve Electric complies with the U.S. DOT Employees Testing Act. All employees of Reeve Electric undergo monitoring for drug and alcohol use. Mandatory pre-employment, post-accident and random screenings ensure that safety is not compromised by drug or alcohol substance abuse.

We are proud to adhere to the safety guidelines of these organizations